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05 July 2015

My big, fat Greek referendum!: A tribute with Profs. Sherman & Yanni at the Acropolis

Today, the Greeks participate in an important and historic referendum, the consequences of which will help decide whether Greece remains part of "Europe" (as in the single currency...not the continent).

Lest we forget that Greek society and culture are really, really old and really, really resilient (not to mention that we have a lot to thank the Greeks for....like, say, Western Civilization) I post this educational video shot and narrated by Yours Truly almost exactly five years ago. The video features "Professor Sherman" and "Professor Yanni" who are really just Sam Sherman and his buddy Kilian Copp both of whom were, at the time, learned students of Greek mythology...

04 July 2015

Wave that flag. Wave it wide and high!