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23 December 2016

Boat Burning with a touch of Tone "Harmonic Synthesis" @ Rock n Roll Hotel 12.8.2016

....and our 2016, which was interesting and productive, ended where it began but not really.  After all, the earth had turned 365 times, had been shaken many times both physically and figuratively, and had, of a sudden, become much darker. And by this last remark I'm not referring merely to the then-approaching (and just-passed) solstice.

It is in these dark times that we most need the light created by the art of noise and the noise of art. Make some fucking noise. Make some fucking art.

Boat Burning's "Duet" @ Rock n Roll Hotel 12.7.15

Basically, our 2016 started with this gig at the end of 2015 with Cleveland's great Rocket from the Tombs.