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16 April 2014

Listen Up and Stop Gun Violence! Jon Batiste and Duke Ellington School of the Arts Students "Fight4The33"

To everything there is a season.  This is the season in which celebrate rebirth. Yet, in the United States, 33 people every day are murdered by individuals wielding guns. 

Proponents of lax gun laws talk about how they want to preserve "liberty."  But the 33 daily U.S. victims of gun violence have no liberty because they're dead. Congress has failed them. State legislatures have failed them. Local governments have failed them.  The courts (especially the U.S. Supreme Court) have failed them... and us.

So, because the adults seem to keep failing, perhaps it's time to see if the kids can succeed.

Recently, students at Washington DC's Duke Ellington School of the Arts teamed up with New Orleans jazz musician Jon Batiste and Generation Progress to produce a video aimed at stopping gun violence.  Here it is.

Want to get more involved? Go to http://fight4the33.org

Check out Jon Batiste and Stay Human at http://jonbatiste.com


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