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28 October 2010

"Learning our game, cutting our chops..."

The title of this post comes from Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones.

Keith was describing to radio talk show host Terri Gross how he and Mick Jagger struggled to learn how to write songs for the Stones when they were starting out all those year ago. That made me think about my own band, The Road.

Unlike the Stones, we don't write our own songs. That's too much work and we're too old and too busy...and not talented enough, frankly.  Rather, we play other people's songs.  A number of tunes from the Grateful Dead, some from the Stones, several from Bob Dylan and a bunch from other artists of the same general jam band/roots rock/folk-rock/hippie watchamacallit music genre.

So we've been playing together for a few years and, in that time, we've taken the songs of others and made them our own.  As Keith says: Learning our game, cutting our chops...

Have a listen and enjoy.

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