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16 November 2010


Saturday afternoon
We showed up an hour early
Doors at Ike's locked
Call the bartender
He comes when he comes

We just wanted to
Play music
Load in anyway
Wait outside
Set up some bongos
Play for the people
Strolling past
As the sun sets

Sergio swings by and listens
Pulls out his flimsy six string
His English is
As good as my Spanish
"You know Guantanamera?"
"Yeah, I know it"

He sings it
He plays it
I play it
We play it
The sun sets

The bartender shows up
Unlocks the door
In three hours
The night will begin
I will be with kindred


Photos of Bob, Tom and Bruce by Danny Clinch @ http://www.dannyclinch.com
Photo of Mark with The Road at Chief Ike's Mambo Room Adams Morgan DC by Maureen Leary @  http://www.facebook.com/TheRoadDC

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